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Register your Private Limited Company

A Private Limited Company is a type of business structure in India which is privately held. It limits the liability of the shareholders to their shares and restricts the number of shareholders to 200.

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Goods and Bads

Choose Private Limited Company when you need external funding, plan to issue shares, wish to have limited liability protection, and intend to build a scalable business model. It is ideal for businesses that want to go public or attract venture capital funding in the future.

Private Limited Company comes with its own pros and cons which is very important for decision making purposes


  • Limited Liability Protection for shareholders
  • Separate Legal Entity status
  • Ability to raise capital through issue of Shares (equity)
  • Perpetual succession
  • Enhanced credibility


  • Restrictions on transfer of shares
  • Compliance burden
  • Comparatively Higher setup and maintenance costs
  • Limitations on the number of shareholders


Step by Step Process

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Obtain DSC for proposed directors of the company.

Director Identification Number (DIN)

Apply for DIN for the proposed directors.

Name Check

Choosing a unique company name will save huge time as it will increase chances of approval by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) or one should go file RUN (Reserve Unique Name).

Incorporation Filing

File the incorporation documents including MOA and AOA with the MCA.

Review and Approval

Once after the review, the MCA might either accept or raise queries regarding your application.

Tax and Compliances

Following are the Compliances that will be required

Corporate Tax

Private Limited Companies are subject to corporate tax in India. The current corporate tax rate for domestic companies is 22% without any exemptions.

Annual Filings

A Private Limited Company is required to file annual returns and financial statements with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

GST Registration

If the company's turnover exceeds the threshold limit, it needs to register for Goods and Services Tax (GST) and comply with regular GST filings.


Annual audits by a certified Chartered Accountant are mandatory, regardless of the company’s revenue.

Documents Required

Following are the documents that will be required

Identity Proof

Copies of PAN card, passport, voter ID, or driver's license of directors and shareholders.

Address Proof

Copies of recent utility bills, bank statements, or rental agreements for the office address.


Passport-sized photographs of directors and shareholders.

Proof of Registered Office

Lease deed or sale deed along with a NOC from the landlord.


The service package includes a comprehensive list of deliverables which includes the following.

Certificate of Incorporation

Permanent Account Number (PAN)

Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN)

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

Articles of Association (AOA)

Company PAN and TAN

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Director Identification Number (DIN)

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered all frequently asked questions, Still confused? feel free to contact us.

Is physical presence required during the process?

No, physical presence is not required. Scanned copies of all the required documents & forms will hold good to complete the procedure online. Also, we at Taxkriya, always encourage faceless and paperless process in all our services. We also provide video/ audio call support at your convenience.

Generally, how many days will it take to get a company incorporated?

If the name availability and all the documents are in line with the registrar's expectations, within 15 days we will be able to get the approval. However, for name availability, you can avail the best support from our team of experts.

Should a private limted company mandatorily have its books of accounts audited?

Precisely! Even a private limited company must appoint an auditor, within 30 days of its incorporation and get its books to be audited in the year end irrespective of its turnover. Non compliance of same will lead to huge penalties and may lead to disqualification of the directors in some cases.

Can anyone become the member in a Private Limited Company?

Any individual/organization can be a member of a private limited company including NRI/foreigners. Provided the individual's age must be minimum of 18 years holding a valid PAN card or Passport in case of foreign nationals.

Is there any minimum capital requirement to form a Private Limited Company?

As per the latest amendment, there is no minimum capital required for starting a private limited company.

Can even a salaried person become a director in the company?

There is no restriction for salaried person to become the director in private limited, OPC or LLP. Only thing that has to checked is whether his employment agreement allows for such provisions.

Can a Private limited company get registered on a home address?

Yes, anyone can register the company at their own residential address, provided the utility bill for the same address is submitted.

How many directors and shareholders can be appointed for a private limited company?

The minimum number of directors for a private limited company is two directors and the maximum is 15. Likewise, minimum shareholders can be 2 and can have a maximum of 200 shareholders. The directors and shareholders can be the same or different people. Provided, at least one of the Directors should be a Resident in India.

Why is it so difficult for the name approval of our choice?

According to the procedure, Registrar of Companies (ROC) expects the applicants to follow the proper naming guidelines. And also sometimes, the approval depends and varies on the opinion of the officer verifying your application. However, for name availability, you can avail the best support from our team of experts.

How much should we need to pay as government fee for registration?

Presently, there is no government fee if the authorised capital is less than Rs.15 lakhs. However, stamp duty is chargeable as per respective state government stamp duty provisions.

When should one get a Commencement of Business certificate after the incorporation process is completed?

Every company shall file for commencement of business with Registrar within 180 days from the date of incorporation. Before that every subscribers should bring subscription capital into companies' accounts.

Are there any tax benefit if I opt for a private limited company?

In order to promote growth and investment, Income tax act has amended new tax provisions from FY 2019-20 which enables all domestic companies an option to pay income-tax at the rate of 22% subject to condition that no exemption/incentive is availed. Considering surcharge and cess, the effective tax rate for private limited companies shall be 25.17%. Also, such companies need not pay Minimum Alternate Tax.

What is the tax benefit for Startup manufacturers in opting for business as a private limited company?

To attract fresh investments in manufacturing and to promote Government's ‘Make-in-India’ initiative, all the manufacturing domestic concerns incorporated on or after 1st October 2019, will have an option to pay income-tax at the rate of 15%. This benefit is available subject to two conditions, one the company should not avail any exemption/incentive and production should be commenced on or before 31st March, 2023. The effective tax rate for these companies shall be 17.01% inclusive of surcharge & cess. Also, such companies shall not be required to pay Minimum Alternate Tax.

What are the key statutory compliances to be filed by a private limited company after incorporation?

Firstly, the company must appoint a statutory auditor. Subsequently, the company should conduct AGMs & board meetings as per the provisions. Auditor must audit the books of the company at the year end. Company shall file form AOC - 4 and MGT - 7 - Annual filing of ITR and registrar of co. should also be complied.

What is the importance of MOA & AOA of company?

MOA stands for Memorandum of Association and AOA stands for Articles of Association. These both are the byelaws or rules based on which signifant aspects like main business of the company or meetings is being decided. These legal documents are prepared by Company Secretaries during incorporation of the Company.

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