Limited Liability Partnership Registration starting from ₹ 4,500*

Limited liability Partnership (LLP) is a separate legal entity under the Limited liability partnership Act, 2008, carrying on the same benefits of the partnership firm but with a limited liability feature. It is easily one of the best options for service organisations as they are less in compliance in a professional business structure.

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Benefits that are yielded by choosing this service are numerous as mentioned below

Liability is limited for the Directors

In partnership firms, Partner's liability is unlimited and at risk incase the business fails to repay its loans and liability. So, partner's personal savings and property would be at risk. But in an LLP, only its investment is made liable.

Better reputation in Market

Corporate Customers. Vendors and authoritative Govt. Agencies prefer to transact with private limited instead of proprietorship or partnership firms.

Less compliances and no mandatory Audit Requirement

LLP is not required to conduct a statutory audit and also tax audit is made mandatory only when their contributions exceeds Rs. 25 lac and turnover exceeds Rs. 40 lac.

Business continuity factor

LLP's existence continues irrespective of partner's existence, which is not possible in case of partnership firms.

Documents Required

List of Documents that are required to proceed with this service package are


PAN card copy of the Director and Shareholder.


Photo ID proof of director - Voter ID or Passport or License


Proof of registered office, Updated gas or electricity bill or Property tax receipt


Passport size photograph


Specimen signature or impression


Copy of rental agreement and no objection certificate from the owner of the property

Minimum Criteria to be met

Criteria that should be satisfied to be eligible to choose this service package are


Minimum 2 Partners


Director Identification Number (DIN) for all the Designated Partners


Incase of a body corporate being a partner, Nominee should be a natural person


Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for all the Designated Partners


Contribution by each Partner towards Capital of LLP

What you will get

Deliverables that you will receive by choosing this service are


 DIN for 2 Partners


LLP agreement draft and filing


 Bank Account and Payment Gateway Integration Support


Digital Signature for 1 Partner




Incorporation Certificate




GST Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

List of typical questions that you might ask regarding this particular service are

No, physical presence is not required. Scanned copies of all the required documents & forms will hold good to complete the procedure online. Also, we at Taxkriya, always encourage faceless and paperless process in all our services. We also provide video/ audio call support at your convenience.

If the name availability and all the documents are in line with the registrar's expectations, within 15 days we will be able to get the approval. However, for name availability, you can avail the best support from our team of experts.

All existing partnership firm willing to get converted into an LLP have to apply through Form 17 (Application and statement for the conversion of a firm into LLP. Along with that, the Form 17 needs to be filed along with Form 2 (Incorporation document and Subscriber’s statement).

According to the procedure, Registrar of Companies (ROC) expects the applicants to follow the proper naming guidelines. And also sometimes, the approval depends and varies on the opinion of the officer verifying your application. However, for name availability, you can avail the best support from our team of experts.

Presently, there is no government fee if the authorised capital is less than Rs.15 lakhs. However, stamp duty is chargeable as per respective state government stamp duty provisions.

Every company shall file for commencement of business with Registrar within 180 days from the date of incorporation. Before that every subscribers should bring subscription capital into companies' accounts.

Not at all. After the LLP is formed, it will remain valid till it is officially wound up. But, annual returns and other compliances has to be followed by the LLP every year.

LLP Agreement is byelaws or rules on which important matters such as main business of the LLP, capital or meetings is fixed. It is a legal document prepared by Company Secretaries during its registration.

Yes, once after incorporation, LLP office address can be changed anytime.

Yes, non-resident Indians and foreign nationals can start an LLP in India, provided, one of the designated partners in an LLP should be a Resident in India. After submitting the necessary documents with notarization from the respective authorities in their country in which they stay, NRIs can get registered as designated partners in the LLP.

This is mainly because annual compliances, such as audit, applies to LLPs only after their turnover exceeds the prescribed amount.

LLP's Accounts has to be audited by a Chartered Accountant only if the turnover crosses Rs.40 lakh or contribution exceeds Rs.25 lakh.

Income tax is applicable to LLP @ 30.90% on net profit of the company.

MOA stands for Memorandum of Association and AOA stands for Articles of Association. These both are the byelaws or rules based on which signifant aspects like main business of the company or meetings is being decided. These legal documents are prepared by Company Secretaries during incorporation of the Company.

There is no minimum requirement as paid-up capital, it can be as low as Rs. 10,000


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