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A Director is a person who acts on behalf of the company. He directs, controls and manages the company in day-to-day operations of the company. On the interest of the company generally, directors are changed based on their tenure and according to the rules to ensure a better team of experts with more independence. Such change includes appointment, resignation and removal of directors which will take place into effect only upon intimation to Ministry of corporate affairs by way of filing forms.

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Documents Required

List of Documents that are required to proceed with this service package are


Copy of Passport - in case of foreign applicant


Copy of PAN Card Self-attested


Any one of the Proof of residence/Electricity bill/rental agreement/ Aadhar Card/Voter ID/Passport/Driving License


Passport size photograph


Digital Signature Certificate of the proposed Director


Board Meeting resolution for such change and minutes


Director resignation letter and resignation acceptance letter


Letter of appointment incase of appointment


Consent letter in case of appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

List of typical questions that you might ask regarding this particular service are

Two forms are required to file incase of resignation of a director : Form DIR 12 has to be filed by the Company and Form DIR 11 has to be filed by the Resigning Director.

Filing fees for Form DIR-12- Rs. 300 and Filing fees for Form DIR-11 - Rs. 300.

No. If a company has only two directors, then an additional director is to be appointed at first. Only then, the resignation of the director can be initiated.

During his tenure, if he has made any non-compliance he will be held liable only for such act and not for anything else.

Only Form DIR-12 is suffient for appointment of director.

The fees for filing Form DIR-12 - Rs. 300 if filed timely.

Following criteria to be satisfied in order to be eligible for appointment as a director of the company, Any person who has attained the age of 18 Sound mind, Solvent and, Not convicted by the Court (imprisonment not more than 6 months) are eligible to be appointed as a director of the company.


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